The Birth of The Eye of Venus

August 9, 2007

Two conversations:

“OK, say you went to one of these directories, and you found my site in amongst all these XXXX Nude Teen Boobies and Cuties Anally-Reamed by Humungous Dicks!!! What would you do?”
“I’d bookmark it till later, and go back to it after I’d got my rocks off.”
“Huh. You wouldn’t get your rocks off on my site?”
“Er… sure, honey. But I’d still look at the naked boobies first.”

“I wish there was another site just for decent writing and photography, and I wasn’t getting lost in porn in all these directories.”
“Well, we can make one if you want.”
“Really? Can we really?”
“Sure. Let’s do it.”

And so Eye of Venus was born, all out of a petulant wish to avoid having to compete with nymphets with better tits. It is possible that if the parties concerned had known they were going to wear their fingers to the bone and their keyboards to stubs, they might have put the brakes on each other, but not all that likely. In their initial euphoria they envisaged an idealistic virtual coffee shop populated by all their favorite bloggers, a place where they could hang out in eclectically sexy company chatting and debating, whilst swigging a virtual cappuccino or a cocktail (it was a coffee shop with a liquor license, apparently), whilst eavesdropping on an orgy, or a whipping, or some tender loving sex, or learning something about sexual politics. On sober reflection, they decided to concentrate on collecting some links and getting a site up first, before getting too carried away.

The technically incompetent person was put in charge of PR, begging emails, and general bossing about. The unfortunate technically competent person found themselves doing all the donkey work, and having to be polite whilst fielding remarks of an: “OK, now you’ve done all that, can we just change it a bit?” nature. By some miracle, no sex bloggers were injured in the creation of this directory, and none were driven to violence.

So. The directory is up, and the company contained within is illustrious. Many bloggers were approached, many answered, and a gratifying number offered encouragement and assistance. Some didn’t answer, possibly because they didn’t investigate their spam folders. Some answered with reservations, and subsequently accepted graciously. Some were never approached, either because they had no immediately apparent contact address, or because the PR person had resorted to petulance again, and was hunched sobbing over a keyboard, wailing: “I can’t do it any more! I can’t send another email!” and had to have a little lie down. Some of those, gratifyingly, signed up of their own free will.

The site is up, and the links are pretty great, not to say pretty fucking impressive. There is even a button (instructions in the sidebar). There will soon be an RSS feed. Someday there will be a proper members area. Sometime soon the extra bits will be cleared away, and in the meantime there is this: a proper blog. But for the moment we feel rather like new parents – thrilled and excited, but wondering when the exhaustion is going to wear off, and the baby will sleep through the night.

A heartfelt thank you again to everyone, and if we’re slow in answering emails don’t worry, we’re just negotiating the teething problems.


4 Responses to “The Birth of The Eye of Venus”

  1. maymay Says:

    I would love to know how you found Joomla to work as a CMS for such a site. Maybe that’s a bit too technical, but if you ever find time, y’know, for a technical colophon of sorts, I’d be really interested. I’ve heard of Joomla before but never got the chance to see it in action on a site that I’d actually use.

    Good luck with everything. I’d volunteer to offer help if you need it, as I’ve got some webdev experience, but you seem to be doing better than me on my own projects. 🙂

  2. thecurator Says:

    Thanks for the compliments, maymay! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the site as it’s taken significantly more effort to get (rather ungloriously) afloat than I’d first imagined.

    As far as Joomla goes for a CMS, well, it’s extremely good. There’s plenty of documentation out there for help so that’s a huge plus for me. I’m not super talented with getting everything to look pretty, so we’re using a rather simple template, but that’s how we’d planned to keep things: simple. Unfortunately, this also means some of the features aren’t set up quite how I want them, yet (for example: the links categories I’d like at the top, but they insist on going to the bottom).

    I appreciate the offer of help and if I do find myself drowning in a sea of frustration I might just toss you an e-mail!

    Thanks again!

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